Declaration of Faith...

I move through my days light-hearted and carefree, knowing all is well;

knowing I am a ray of light, a well of energy flowing freely from the original Source of Life; knowing that I am one with the Source of Life indivisibly.

I emanate from the Universe; Everything is part of me and I’m part of everything.

Everything is figureoutable, everything works out by itself; And I expect the best in everything: Abundance, Power, Love, Joy, Faith!

I’m the Universe’s perfect tool; IT uses me toward its perfect and divine plans;

I am part of these plans.

I am of service in the world in a way that I love and enjoy, that also benefits others

Success (mine and others’ moreover) improves my freedom and makes my life more meaningful.

I’m enough, I’m beautiful, and I’m living my best life now.

I’m forever Youthful and timeless.

I place my intentions into the vast ocean of all possibilities and allow the intelligence of the Universe to engineer powerfully within me and through me.

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