Have you ever?

Updated: May 20, 2019

Have you ever felt that the world is full of shit they’re trying to trade for the genuine stillness inside of you? Just because they can hardly suffer your apparent inner peace. As if they sensed some kind of insecurity or threat because of your state of enoughness…

Maybe they just wish they could rip the positive aura off of you to secure it for themselves. They see some light from afar but can’t define it as such and try to reach for it even if while doing so, they risk molesting you… As if you had to pay for some undeserved grace or some ill-shared favor…

Just like some people who think that because you don’t complain all day long about every piece of rough diamond life has put in your way, you have to be doing too well because invested with some secret magical power or undeclared shadowy income... therefore you have to pay for their insatiable greediness and littleness…

Or their eternal ebb and flow inside is made worst by the genuine balance you’ve reached inside.

Have you ever felt enough… and have enough dealing with the standards the world wants you to reach as if it is your unique way in or out…

Have you ever felt not concerned at all by the manipulative mindset that most fellow human beings unfold out of insecurity.

Have you ever known that LOVE is the ultimate solution to the world unmanageable illnesses? Love for oneself, love for some early riser birds chanting, whistling, troublemaking in the morning (not putting them in cage for your lovesake, though!), love for rocks laying flat on the beach, love for some blue montaneous view just before the sun blows in…

Have you ever?

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